Toshinori Kondo
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Toshinori Kondo Recording
Kondo's Original Label "Toshinori Kondo Recordings" now releasing exclusive 12 Online-Downloading albums and 1 CD !
Check it out !

オンラインレーベル "近藤等則レコーディングス" では現在12作のオリジナル音源を配信&CD1作を通販中!


Juno Reactor's guitarist, Sugizo released new album "Oto" featuring Toshinori Kondo !
 Live at Hot Buttered Club

Kondo's live performance with DJ Yama a.k.a Sahib and Takumi Moriya on bass,
"Live at Hot Buttered Club" released finally !
No Coming, No Going

Peter Kuhn's late 70's early work featuring Kondo is on CD finally !
Double CD album "No Coming, No Going" released !

Kondo's latest CD Album "DREAM SPACE" comes out !
The Peacock's Tale

Ambient Didgeridoo soundscape featuring Toshinori Kondo on 2 tracks! Dashmesh's latest album "THE PEACOCK'S TALE" released!
REalm II Parallax

Barton Rage featuring Toshinori Kondo, latest "Realm" series "Realm II Parallax" released on downloading !
BLOW THE EARTH in Japan 2011

Kondo's "Blow The Earth in Japan" project in 2011 ! Kondo plays even toward the sea the Tsunami came !
BLOW THE EARTH in Japan 2009

Kondo's "Blow The Earth in Japan" project in 2009, musical impressions of Japanese nature and four seasons !