The Helicopters

Produced by The Helicopters / Tsutomu Suto


  • A-1. 便り News
  • A-2. 南京玉すだれ Nanjing Tamasudare
  • A-3. ソレイユ Soleil
  • A-4. 納豆 Natto
  • A-5. しつこいやくざ Persistent Yakuza
  • A-6. 少年兵 Soldier boy
  • A-7. ストレインジャーズ・ブルース Strangers' blues
  • A-8. 天狗の面 Tengu mask
  • B-1. 源平メドレー The Heike Story medley
    • a. 源氏ボタル Genji-Botaru
    • b. 平家ガニ Heike-Gani
  • B-2. ギターとオルガンのための小品 Etude for guiter and organ
  • B-3. 二度栗山温泉 The Mystery of Nidoguriyama hot spring
  • B-4. ハンのいとこ〜ブロッツマンの娘 Han's cousin - Daughter of Brötzmann
  • B-5. 君と僕 You and I
  • B-6. すごいパンク Terrible punk
  • B-7. ゴメスの浮気 Me llamo Gomez
Aida's Call



  • 今田篤 Atsushi Imada : Vocals, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Electric Bass, Background Vocals
  • 郷津晴彦 Haruhiko Gotsu : Vocals, Electric Guitars, Drums, Organ, Whistle, Background Vocals, Art Work
  • 杉田笛子 Fueko Sugita : Electric Bass, Drums, Background Vocals
  • 島崎菊男 Kikuo Shimazaki : Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Oboe, Xylophone, Vocal, Electric Guitar, Background Vocals


  • 清水潤一 Jun-ichi Shimizu : Clarinet, Background Vocals
  • 近藤等則 Toshinori Kondo : Pocket Trumpet, Percussion, Background Vocals
  • 須藤力 Tsutomu Suto : Engineer
  • Yoshiko Fujita : Keyboards, Background Vocal
  • Toru Takeuchi : Background Vocal

Recorded and Mixed by Tsutomu Suto
Recorded at Studio 246 (Tokyo, Japan) 29 & 30 April '84
except A-3, B-2 at Gotsu house (Nakano) 31 March & 4 April '84,
B-5 at Kichijoji Music Studios (Tokyo) 24 March '84,
B-6 at hyocho (Nakano) 25 April '84