Elements of Winter

Toshinori Kondo

WEFREC (Poland)


  1. The Morning Sun in The Snow (6'21")
  2. A Fountain Under The Cold Sky (5'37")
  3. An Eternal Chant (4'34")
  4. The White Horizon (5'12")
  5. Round About Midnight (8'05")
  6. The Air At Dawn (3'49")

All the songs except Tr.5 are composed by Toshinori Kondo.
Tr.5 is composed by Thelonious Monk and Cutie Williams.

Elements of Winter


Toshinori Kondo : Electric Trumpet, Programming

Recorded by Toshinori Kondo at Kondo Soundbody Studio in Kawasaki, Japan, 2013

(This album is special free CD for the audience at "II Królewski Festiwal Światła", Warsaw Jan. 5 2014. Not for sale.)