Toshinori Kondo


  1. 彼方の空 - Sky over there -
  2. 星と海 - Star and Sea -
  3. 透命 - Clear Life -
  4. 抱かれて - In her arms -
  5. 響声 - Resonant Voices -
  6. 一休 - One Break -
  7. 寿ぐ宴 - Celebration Party -
  8. 胡蝶 - Butterfly -
  9. 旅立ち - Departed -

[先行予約特典DISK / Bonus Disk for Advanced Reservation]
「時々のメロディー (Melodies at the times)」

  1. NHK「腕におぼえあり」(1992) より "「腕におぼえあり」のテーマ"
    "Theme from Udeni Oboe Ari" from NHK Drama "Udeni Oboe Ari" (1992)
    近藤等則IMA Toshinori Kondo IMA
  2. TBS「あしたまたね」(1992) より "お腹の唄"
    "Onaka No Uta (Song of Womb)" from TBS Drama "Ashita Matane (Tomorrow, again)" (1992)
    近藤等則 with 富樫春生 (key) Toshinori Kondo with Haruo Togashi (key)
  3. NHK-BS「戦争童話集」(1998) より "ヤシの実"
    "Yashi No Mi (Coconut)" from NHK-BS Animation "War Fairy Tales" (1998)
    近藤等則 with 川副千尋 (vo) Toshinori Kondo with Chihiro Kawazoe (vo)
  4. NHK-BS「戦争童話集」(1997) より "孤独な風船"
    "Kodoku Na Fusen (Lonely Baloon)" from NHK-BS Animation "War Fairy Tales" (1997)
    近藤等則 with Sean Bergin (sax) Toshinori Kondo with Sean Bergin (sax)
  5. 東映映画「首領を殺った男」(1994) より "Black Shadow"
    "Black Shadow" from Toei Movie "Don Wo Totta Otoko (The Man Who Killed The Boss)" (1994)
    近藤等則 Toshinori Kondo
  6. NHK「秘太刀 馬の骨」(2006) より "エンディング テーマ"
    "Ending Theme" from NHK Drama "Hitachi Uma No Hone (Secret sword: Horse's Bone)" (2006)
    近藤等則 with 小島良喜 (key) Toshinori Kondo with Yoshinobu Kojima (key)



All songs produced, composed, performed and recorded by Toshinori Kondo

This album is dedicated to Kondo's parents, Haruki and Sanae departed in 2011.

2016年6月20日 リリース !
先行予約 6月17日 まで Toshinori Kondo Recordings にて受付中!
Release in June 20th 2016 !
Advanced reservation is accepting till June 17th at Toshinori Kondo Recordings


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